Our Vision
Non-resident Indians (NRIs) need to attend issues relating to Tax, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and other financial affairs in India. Such affairs are complex, sometimes ambiguous and procedure oriented. It is quite difficult and cumbersome to attend to complex laws, regulations and procedures. NRIs are also confused as to whom and how to communicate to the person in Authority. It shall be a great boon if the services are available at a click on the World Wide Web to attend such matters from wherever NRIs are located in the world.

NRIs come to India for pleasure, to meet relatives and friends and one finds that they spend a lot of time at a Bank Clerk’s desk, at Offices of Income Tax Department, Reserve Bank of India or other Government offices.

We at NRITAXSERVICES.COM assist NRIs to attend all affairs and issues without the need for them to be present in India. There is no need to waste time at Government offices,  and lengthy communications; or scratch one’s head with conflicting advice and suggestions from different persons.

NRIs who are willing to pay fair fees shall able to get such matters attended most efficiently, access the most accurate information and remain free to enjoy their stay in India.

This is what we endeavour at NRITAXSERVICES.COM.